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Trip Title *
Add a short descriptive title to this road trip.
: “Wild Goose Island's north shore tour on beautiful route 19”

State *
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Estimated trip length (in miles) *

Natural scenery general description *
Here is where you want to type at least a couple sentences describing the scenery along this road trip ... the more the better ... have fun being a virtual tour guide to the world!!! Describe scenic details like forest, hills, water, wildlife, etc.
          Example: "The first half of this road trip winds along the western shore of Arrowhead Lake where you'll get great views of this teal-blue mountain lake and some of the incredible homes that dot its rocky shoreline. The area is known for it's Golden Eagle population and if you slow down and look you can spot many of their nests in more secluded areas. During the second half of the trip the road travels rises up into the surrounding mountains and travels through a tunnel of majestic hardwood trees that are just magnificent in the fall when the colors change ..."

Natural scenery highlights and favorites
... everybody has a favorite scenic part of a road trip ... do you have any favorites on this route??? This is your chance to tell the about the scenic highlights!
          Example: "I really love how much of the road travels through a tunnel of trees that are just magnificent in the fall when the colors change."

Urban scenery general description *
Now give the reader a general idea of the towns and/or cities they'll pass through - give them an idea if there are many towns/cities along the way or if the route is secluded.
: "There are nice small towns sprinkled throughout this trip with a few medium size cities at the beginning and towards the end. Most of the towns are pretty quaint and many have nice town squares and vintage Main Street sections "

Urban scenery highlights and favorites
... do you have a favorite little town or city along this route? Do the readers a favor by telling them about those special towns/cities along the way that they want to be sure and check out!
          Example: "I especially loved the towns with beautiful views of rows of restored Victorian era homes in towns like Crown Point and Madison ..."

Attractions general description *
You've told the reader what they'll see, now it's time to focus on telling them what they'll do when it's time to pull over. Give them a good overview of the attractions and points-of-interest such as:
- museums
- shopping ... such as art, craft, or antique boutiques
- national, state, or other public parks
- great scenery viewing points & roadside pullouts
- camping or hiking
- festivals, celebrations, or other temporary events
- historical points of interest
- hotels, motels, or Bed & Breakfasts
- pubs, taverns, or bars
- casinos
- coffee shops or cafes
- restaurants, bistros, or drive-ins

Attractions highlights and favorites
Now don't you have a favorite stop or two along this road trip??? Tell the reader about one or more of your favorite attractions and points-of-interest along this route and make their trip just that more enjoyable!
          Example: "My favorite attraction along this route is the old Montacute House in New Edinborough. Free tours are offered daily of this 19th century, 73 room mansion ..." or "End your trip at Big Jack's Bar & Grill. They have a live band every weekend, the food is usually great, but the crowd is always rowdy!" or "If you like antiques, you need to plan to spend a few hours at the Antique Barn in West Charlotte ... they have a huge selection and their prices are as low as I've ever seen for quality antiques."

Route Attributes
Choose all applicable categories.
Use the 'shift' or 'control' key to make multiple selections.

Additional Information
Last chance! Is there any last bit of information you want the reader to be aware of? Or do you have any helpful websites related to this road trip? This is your section to add that info.
: “I think this is the overall best scenic drive in all of western Oregon and we take it with two other couples every spring before the Aspens loose their leaves.” or “Before you take this ride, check out the Glacier National Park website - http://www.nps.gov/glac/index.htm" or “If you travel in the spring, keep in mind that the White-tale Deer tend to be seen crossing the roads at night so be careful.”

Guest contributor email
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